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What is a Radley Handbag?

Radley London the creative British brand is home to beautiful, distinctive leather handbags, purses and other accessories (even including shoes, what more could you ask for?)! Radley London was founded by Lowell Harder in 1998 and has been working to bring the handbag loving woman an affordable, unusual, high quality, creative leather handbag to love and be proud of! Radley pride themselves on their creativity, individuality and use of colour. The signature Radley dog is often found somewhere on the bag or purse!

Each handbag has it’s own unique character full of style, originality and colour. If you love handbags you need to have a Radley bag in your collection. The Radley handbags may be stylish and creative but they certainly aren’t all style and no substance! Radley handbags are user friendly and designed with the woman and use in mind rather than just the style! A handbag is part of everyday life and needs to be designed to fit in with a woman’s typical day! Each bag has all the necessary features to meet this purpose such as adjustable straps, inner zipped pockets for easy access and storage and widening straps to ensure comfort.

Radley handbags are created with only the finest natural leathers, this ensures your bag is of the highest possible quality and long lasting!

A Radley handbag would be the perfect gift idea for a handbag loving fashionista, but if you are looking for something with the Radley style and uniqueness to fit into a smaller budget then take a look at our selection of Radley purses!

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